General Guidelines

The Case report session will be in two parts. The first part will be a poster presentation to be held on the [Enter Date]. All selected abstracts need to be presented as posters. Best [Enter Number of cases] cases will be selected out of these posters and will qualify to present an oral presentation of the same case. All students who have presented a poster will get a participation certificate, whereas the [Enter Number of cases] cases selected will compete for the best case report presentation prize. Hence all participants are requested to keep an oral presentation of their case ready if they are selected for the oral presentation session further.

Abstract Submission guidelines

  1. The abstract should be brief, informative and should provide an overview of the clinical case.
  2. Abstract format- MS Word 2003 or higher, 12 pt. Times New Roman, single spaced, 1-inch 
margins on all sides.
  3. Abstract must include title, author name and affiliation.
  4. The abstract should not be more than 250 words.
  5. Title of the abstract must be less than 25 words (14 pt. Bold, Times New Roman, Centered).
  6. Recommended structure of your case in the Abstract content:
    • Introduction and case report description
    • Description of the problem, procedures, techniques and/or equipment used
    • Questions, problems or possible differential diagnosis
    • Answers and discussion
    • Conclusions and implications for clinical practice
  7. If any image has been used in your abstract, it should fulfill the following criteria:
    • Format: JPEG or GIF
    • Size: less than 100 Kb
    • Measures no larger than 500 pixels(x) x 200 pixels(y)
  8. Last date for abstract submission is 19th August 2018, 2359 HRS.
  9. The acceptance of abstracts will be notified through email on or before 25th August 2018.
  10. The candidates whose abstracts are selected need to register for IGCLA on the website by filling in registration details online and by payment of the registration fee.
  11. Abstracts can be sent under any of the topics mentioned in the table below.
  12. Mention the category code of abstract on the top (the one best suitable in the given table).
  13. Categories:
    Allied Health Sciences AHS
    Doctoral Students [DM, MCh and PhD Students] DOC
    Health Sciences
    a) Pre/Para Clinical Subjects
    b) Clinical Subjects

    Life Sciences LS
    Management, Humanities and Social Sciences MHS
    Pharmaceutical Sciences PS
    Technical Sciences TS


  1. A final copy of the e-poster must be submitted as a PDF file to the same email id by 01 September 2018, 2359 HRS.
  2. A space of (Dimensions 48 x 36 inches) will be made available to each participant. 

  3. The text should be in a normal font such as Times or Arial and different color illustration is 
encouraged in posters. 

  4. The sections of the poster should be organized reflecting the background of the study. 

  5. The poster should contain the following:
    • Background
    • Case Report 

    • Discussion 

    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Support
    • Disclosure


Selected candidates for oral presentation will allowed to present the case report before a distinguished panel as well an audience, which will then be followed by questioning and referencing by the panelists.

  1. Presentation time of 3 minutes shall be allotted to each participant.
  2. Presentations must be in Microsoft PowerPoint version 2003 or newer that can run on Windows.
  3. Candidate is expected to report 30 min before their session time and submit the 
presentation to the person in charge present at the venue. 

  4. Presentations should be brought to the venue in a USB drive. Use of personal laptops is 
not allowed.
  5. Last Date for submission of the PowerPoint presentations for accepted entries is 1st September 2018
  6. Text of the slides should be clear, in bulleted points, easy to read and understand and with font big enough to be read clearly from the back of the room.
  7. Font size should be 24 points minimum, preferably 36.
  8. Specific categories such as motivation/assertion, objectives, materials & methods, results 
and conclusion must be highlighted within the presentation.
  9. No more than 3 colors should be used for the presentation.
  10. A summary of the thesis should be discussed as well as conclusion, results, implications, 
  11. A Q&A discussion will follow after the presentation.